SME1000 Forum


  • The SME1000 Forum is designed to give support to the small and medium scale enterprises in the country by sharing insights, information and industry advice as it affects them in relation to the growth of their business.
  • The forum will seek to provide advice and logistics resources from Red Star Express ,other industry leaders and concerned regulatory agencies. Create an excellent opportunity for SME operators to interact, network and showcase their products.
  • This is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility for RSE

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SME1000 is yet another groundbreaking medium to support growing businesses pan-Nigeria. Through ‘Just-In-Time, which is an e-commerce order fulfilment service, Red Star Express Plc. bridges the logistics gap faced by SMEs.

Red Star Express is a major e-commerce delivery backbone for a large number of SMEs ensuring hassle-free order fulfilment. Thus, ‘SME1000’ is a project targeted at supporting small and medium enterprises with prompt, smooth, speedy and highly discounted rates for light & medium weight parcels of a variety of product, including e-commerce merchandise, packaged food & agro-products, over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products, school supplies, art works etc

Depending on the service required, Red Star E-Commerce Logistics Solutions ensure the following:

Ship Now

Request immediate pickup and delivery

Time Definite Delivery

1 - 6 hours delivery within Lagos.


Door-To-Door Delivery Nationwide


We offer Cash-On-Delivery

Prepaid Delivery

Prepaid Delivery.


Drop off & Pickup at our offices nationwide

With Red Star E-Commerce Logistics Solutions, you will be able to have real-time visibility and financial reconciliation on all your transactions at a glance. As we undertake all concerns regarding logistics, you are able to accelerate your capacity in building robust trading platforms for your businesses.

Time Definite Delivery

We offer time definite delivery to support businesses. Depending on your location, packages are delivered within 1 - 6 hours in Lagos.

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This service gives merchants and individuals the opportunity to request immediate pickup and delivery virtually. We undertake the delivery of packages that have been paid for online. Once saddled with that responsibility, effective pickup and delivery becomes our focus.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Red Star E-Commerce Logistics Solutions is tailored made to soothe the lifestyle of our customers. Thus irrespective of your location, home or at work, we will schedule a pickup and deliver your package to any location based on the information provided.

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Cash on Delivery

The need for cash on delivery service has become both necessary and challenging for a lot of SMEs and based on the need, we have unbundled a specialized hassle free solution “Saddle”, a logistics management tool, which enables cash and card payment from customers on your behalf, complete visibility, reconciliation and you don’t have to worry about remittance. This is a special service that is guaranteed to put you ahead of competitors (logistics combined with financial solutions).

Prepaid Delivery

This service requires that an upfront deposit payment of N30,000.00 is made to Red Star Express for transactions. You will be required to top up your account balance with us upon depletion.

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Drop Off Centers

You cover more grounds when you use our services because with our presence in all the major cities in Nigeria, packages can be dropped-off by merchants at FedEx designated offices for onward delivery or collection by online shoppers. This service is restricted to merchants and platforms with volume.



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Telephone: +234 81080 15607

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